One reason I think that led to the Opioid crisis

There are many underlying factors contributing to the opioid crisis, including abuse and just normal use leading to deadly consequences. However, are there treatment therapies healthcare providers can learn and utilize in order to help treat pain and resort to using pain medication as a last option if more non-invasive therapies can help?


It’s going on The Mind Body Dude, Carlo St. Juste, Licensed Acupuncturist, holistic healthcare provider. Yeah. Sometimes I like to be a little kooky in my world. A word kooky not like cookie, but kooky my Santa right? But you know, what is life? I think life is should be light hearted. There are serious moments. Very serious moments. A lot of times where you shouldn’t be joking around or we need to be focused, and it’s or it’s life and death not in not even your so, but despite all those obstacles, right? I think you can get through a lot of things better for like hearted. So where did I wanna talk to you about today? I, you know, this is just my theory.

I and one of the things I wanted to speak about Why’s this is not some this is just from what I’ve seen clinically one of the reasons I believe the opioid crisis was so huge is because we have this. I’m culture were so frown. As to have our primary. Primary care providers diagnose diagnose diagnose, many, take quick simple water. thank you. By the way, no ice drinks, unless it’s really hot. And today it’s really hot in Cali. So, but anyways, I believe one of the reasons the opioid crisis got to wear to the levels of where affected so many lives because clinically as providers, you know, to each their own in terms of how you learn. But I feel one provider stone pow paid enough. And I’m going to name specific group, but providers power paid enough. They don’t touch and and see what’s going on. They don’t communicate with the muscle to see let the muscle tell you. How feels? And I see I treat many patients with pain and even before we stick a needle in.

There’s a lot of times where we can decrease the pain significantly or moderately or even just a little bit. But we can decrease the pain to a significant amount. Just by doing some work, some investigative work. And then also applying our principles I have certain principles. I use treating muscles. For instance. I was the muscles above pre muscles below for are, no muscles below. Then you focus on the muscles. Above either way, you’re gonna focus on the the origin and insertion Ryan I can get into that. In later shows. Even I was thinking about trying to start a system where I can teach other healthcare providers about these theories, it’s applying a traditional. Chinese medicine concepts with biomed anatomy and physiology, and it is beautiful. And what is the result people are in less pain? So when you combine your theory in the muscle work. It’s acupressure I do acupressure acupuncture is not supposed to be sometimes it is soft. Sometimes it’s a little rough. It’s supposed to be therapeutic. That’s the goal.

So you know, you combine these different therapies in Walla, you have better outcomes. And guess what? Someone didn’t have to go on opioids. I was just reading something recently where eighty percent of heroin users were opioid addicts. I have let me find that that stat. And then I will post it. On this podcast blog. You’ll be able to find it for today’s date and under resources resource section. So you know, that’s staggering. Because now if you I am I can’t think of the name is it the Sackler family that’s being sued right now that’s responsible for you know, pushing the drug OB pushing opioids into the market.

I don’t I think sometimes in society, we we like to just blame one person we like to find the culprit right there. But I mean, there’s many different. There’s many different levels of blame in this in this arena here I in in because of all the people who have died, it’s justified and to be honest. I didn’t understand the problem. I wasn’t wrapping my head around the problem as much as in the beginning as much as I could because it was just. Going over my head. The only thing I knew was okay. These these patients are taking this pain medication to me. I don’t care what you’re taking. Okay. It’d be Tylenol Advil. Obviously there’s going to be exceptions to the rule and not everyone’s the same in some people may need certain things than than others. Right. More than others other patients, but made to me, I see Cain pain medication as pain. Medication? I unless there’s a severe case, right and the treatments not working or the case may be all right? Then. You know, we can then, you know, those those circumstances in explain themselves, but. Overall. If. When it comes down the pain. Okay. I’ll tell you this much when it comes down to pain or pain medication to me. It’s like, okay. I don’t care what you’re taking because our goal is to get you down. Right. I do know we do have to know what you’re taking. So that you don’t have any drug interaction. But my goal is to get you down. Right. And for a lot of patients a lot of patients that I was working with I love hearing. Yes. You know, what I’m taking less pain? Medication? I’d have to take as much rain medic. I didn’t have to I wanna day without tavern and take pain medication. You know? I’d have to take the pain medication. It’s a good feeling all I knew was were fighting against you’re fighting against this. You know, people are in pain, and they’re trying to get better. And when you. I mean, we can go on and on with this. You know, the destructive Ness on the psyche. And you know, in a way, you know, though, that was the thing is I in a way it’s like, you know, when I was treating patients it’s seems like in. That’s why I love being an acupuncturist. That’s why I love acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, and I like being at this at this time because at this time, hey, you have a lot of good hearted people working the medicine, and obviously there’s always a few bad apples in every group ri-. But for the most part, yes, a large majority of the people pushing for. A system of medicine that may not be fully understood but helps significantly and how do we integrate so for today? What I wanted to talk about was how do we what do we? Help reduce this pain. Right. So you know, you’ve how pay you can do massage you can do higher practic treatment, Rakia, whatever the case may be. Maybe there’s a facia problem. Maybe there’s a problem with the tendon. Maybe you know, it’s the muscle may be it’s the there’s some inflammation going on on all levels. But before you in get in. And you know, that’s the thing is that. I once again, is my opinion, I feel I you know, if we can expand our scope in these in more, non evasive therapies in really step out. And even that’s why I created this podcast. That’s why I’m doing this podcast to let you know. Because I have all this stuff all the stuff that needs to get out. So besides that please check out the website feel free to give us a rating on on itunes, I was going to say rating on itunes on your ipod.

Or if you’re listening from tune in or Spotify health, people to find the show helps other like-minded mind body individuals grow. So yeah, let’s do it. This world has loud. It’s of issues that we can solve and solutions are needed. So please apply. This is the mind body, dude. Wishing you the best. He’s. Thanks for listening to the mind body, dude for more information and for more resources, please visit

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