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I’ve had tai chi on the brain lately, and for good reason. It is such a relaxing exercise and provides many health benefits, which are contained in the slow movements. Why can’t we do it fast? What does the breathing have to do with it?

Audio Transcription

Oh, we’ve got to find a new way of introducing myself on the show here. And you know, actually, no, I don’t I I was trying out a couple of different ways. And I do like the mind body, dude. Or you know, I can’t even get it. Right. I can’t Remember how I did it last time. So. How is your morning going people? All my individuals across the land. It’s going to say across the nation across land crosses nation cross overseas. People listening in South Africa, and then maybe the Netherlands and in may be Egypt. I’m just I’m hoping right? So. No with that.

Just know, there’s no that the concepts that I talk about are universal. I at least try to speak about concepts that could apply to everyone not gender specific. And not class specific. I think obviously different situations will give you maybe, you know, we’ll make certain things easier right or or maybe you might. Maybe my have to put a little bit more than another person would. But y’all get the same results. Right. And it really more depends where your mental state is in. How do you feel as doing my rounds of Tai chi and I decided to record myself? That’s one of the goals. I have for this year’s to get more video recordings of the martial-arts the forms and the applications primarily the applications because the forms I can record. I’m always by myself and practicing a lot of people don’t believe that you can really become effective in self defense. If you’re not by just doing foreign, which I agree. I think you you need to have been sparring action needs to be able to put what you what you’re practicing into application but forms. Gets you stronger and faster and help you overall as a person just helping you to become a better martial artist to become more accurate in precise and holistic features.

So. You know, my goal is to get more videos out there to show you the application the form in the application. So you can see. How v how my martial arts can be applied. The see how the style can be applied. I don’t wanna call it. My martial arts how the style can be applied. So with that don’t tie you notice a couple of things I did the video. And I and I was speaking about. The footwork and the mind the internal aspects and the the attack in the fence aspect, the duality is once again, the concept of duality in Tai chi, there’s an attack and there’s the defense and you can do in when he gets higher levels. You actually doing them both at the same time. In a realized situation. I ideally you have to do both. However, I I don’t want to say that there are a package. You know, you can attack then you defend or you defend in the new attack. So with that. Enough of these logical games. There’s an aspect of Tai chi that helps you to. It’s a slow moving aspect in the breathing that really I wanted to just briefly touch on today. And why do we move slowly when doing Tai chi why can’t you just move quickly and just do it over and over and over and over again? There are many subtle details and processes and actions that are occurring when you’re doing Tai chi form the slower that she performed the form the better.

We’re actually trying to go for slowness. I was always make a joke. You know, they should have a competition who can do the slowest tai chi. And it would for most people would probably be the slowest competition you ever watch it like. I’d be interested. I think I mean the form is beautiful, and there’s a lot of people who are interested. But it’s the mindset, and you know, what that’s actually a good idea. I just got a good idea for the next show. Working with individuals who can’t slow down like the people who who are the thinkers thinking thinking thinking, maybe I don’t want to say type A personality. But if you’re the type of person who can’t even meditate for thirty seconds, fifteen seconds than I wanna work with you.

I want to do a show for you to help you learn how to grasp these concepts hats to really apply the concepts with Tai chi to slow things down to be able to be more relaxed south the overthinking or to slow down the overthinking. If you’re more prone on the chill side in you know, if things are, you know, I like to say if you find not find it boring that you have to focus then. It’s a while. It’s going to anyone if we have to folks if slow things down it’s going to be a little bit easier. Right, if you’re always thinking thinking thinking, and you know, even kind of more that. On your day in in your full speed ahead, then yacht. We cannot I love working with individuals of nature.

I love working with individuals who have qualities in want to improve and want wanna be able to apply, you know, some of these meditative techniques and have just the best of both worlds. So, you know, we do the movement slowly so that we can absorb and we can feel all movements or I feel everything make sure we’re guiding the energy in the right direction from the right places. I so we do the movement sell slowly. And we incorporate the breathing because the breathing is going to help regulate the mind that’s another show. I’m gonna do the breathing and the body, right? The breathing is going to help regulate all the different systems in the body. I mean breathing plays a role in in our stomach acid plays a role and blood circulation. Plays a role in getting oxygen to the brain. There’s a lot of you know, functions. There’s a lot of benefits there’s a lot of parts of the body organs and components that rely on the breathing. And when you stress become shallow breathe or so that’s something. I will talk about here soon.

Besides that I just wanted to point out today some of the who’ll benefits of doing tight she slowing down. And also not to limit yourself. You think you’re you’re in your head? I wanted to I had I got the idea of actually breaking up the movements in in showing short clips in that way. People would absorb it better. So get out of your head. I go out there explorer. Learn some Tai chi grow as a person, and I will see you soon. His. Thanks for listening to the mind body, dude for more information and for more resources, please. Visit Themindbodydude.com.

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