Tips For Why You “Can’t Meditate”

When it comes to meditation (or Tai Chi), common phrases I heard often include “I try to meditate for I can’t even sit down for five minutes”, or “I try to meditate but my mind keeps thinking and I stop”. I work with individuals on all levels, so here are a few tips I’ve gathered for the go go goers, the type A peeps, the bold.

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What’s going on? Let me clear my throat. I just need clear my throat. Let’s go in on my people. My awesome lovely non self-destructing individuals. And if you are self destructing than no worries other are resources out there to help you. This is the mind body, dude. Carlo St. Juste, license acupuncturist holistic healthcare provider, and here too wanted to give you a couple of tips.

I wanna point out on a license acupuncture is I’m not a psychologist, and I’m not an MD not a DC. So with that I focus on what my scope is which is primarily acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure and CHAI Chee and breathing exercises, nutrition and herbs and. But there are certain areas that we do provide therapy for that we can help one of those areas include mind body, health, anything dealing with I should say anything of issues dealing with fight or flight balancing. Hormone balancing and and bringing the body to use state of homeostasis, right?

Where things are balanced and part of that part of how we can do that are through the tools I wanted to focus today on maybe what are some tools we can use? If you find yourself unable to do tai chi or unable to sit sit down and do meditation. I hear often I can’t do meditation. I try to sit down for you know, I can’t even sit down for five minutes because my my thoughts are just racing. And that’s part of the training that is part of doing meditation. When you’re first starting I always told I always tell everyone always tell patients, I tell people who are new to meditation who are new to the practice. It’s similar to running. Whereas the first two weeks your body’s getting used. So you may not like it. That’s a little a your little clunky or your body’s just getting adjusted hurts that something you don’t like, but eventually become better and better, and it becomes something. You enjoy same thing with meditation.

The first two weeks three weeks three and a half these thoughts are racing. And it’s it’s not it’s not a problem with you. The problem is I believe is that people quit too soon. Or you don’t accept that’s part of the process. And when those thoughts come in you acknowledge that and you go back to your center or you have your meta attention acknowledged that what is meta attention. It’s it’s in the book that I read phrase, it’s kinda like. Something that helps your attention to pay attention. And they’re also interesting concept that’s being studied. So. You know aware going with this. All right. So yeah, don’t worry. Don’t worry. If you if you have these racing thoughts think about what’s going on for dinner. And it’s okay, bring yourself back to your posture. That’s why I’m a big fan of posture. And I emphasize on posture put a lot of emphasis on posture because it helps you to develop a good base, and it will help you to sustain your meditation practice or Tai chi practice.

So some of the common issues I hear I can’t sit for that long. My mind is racing. I don’t have time to do it. That’s my that’s my issue. That’s my problem. I came to the realization, right? This is my opinion when you say, you don’t have time to meditate. You have a problem when you say you don’t have. Time to do Tai chi read have a problem right problems developing because you’re already tricking yourself, you you are telling yourself you do not have the time to slow down.

It’s your mind playing a trick on your body. So in those instances when you start feeling that way, it should be a red flag that your minds trying to play tricks on you. Saying I don’t have time in instead, which he should do is at that time. You should take a break. And breeze. And even now that I’m thinking about it. I think a great a great technique. You can use. I have so many Great techniques actually learned this. I believe for one of my teachers, doctor Yu. Jenny Yu at southern California university of health sciences. She was one of my acupuncture instructors and a great professor and teacher. That you can take three breaths. Take the time to take three deep breaths in and out. And what I’ve learned from that exercise is that if you don’t have time to take three deep breaths, you have a problem. No matter what those three deep breaths is a reset for you. It’s reminder that you do have time to relax. The world’s not going to blow up. Hopefully, nothing’s gonna go crazy. So if you find that you don’t have the time take three deep breaths. I’m practicing right now and watch the change. It also goes into a couple of other things couple of other concepts. There’s one other constantly. I swear these these ideas are just flying out of my head. Oh, it goes into. Geez.

I just had it. It goes into the concept of not having enough time. I’ll I’ll I’ll bring it back. I’ll think of it again when it comes comes back to to mind here, but you know, taking that deep breath and slowing things down and the so so focusing bringing the focus back to your body there. I saw the posture. What I wanted to say about posture is that. When you have the good posture when you’re reading when you’re focused on your qi when you bring your mind to your center, it gives your mind something the focus on I think sometimes we assume that you can’t bring your mind to focus on anything. No, you can focus on your breathing. You can focus on your Dan tian, then you can focus on the air going into the Dan Tien and having do it’s it’s loop.

If you if you train tai chi or Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese martial art, some of the breathing techniques are designed for you to focus on your on the center. So because we’re so is funny were so inside of our head. But we don’t sometimes we I mean a lot of the times we don’t even feel armed body. We even with training. We put a lot of interest this on on putting focus on our lower extremities are hips and below our feet touching the ground creating these senses. So. With that. I just wanted to to do a quick show that the to let you know, if you’re having issues with slowing things down and meditating relaxes, shoulders breathe. Don’t worry. If you make a mistake make a hundred mistakes give it time that’s not gonna happen overnight. But in a couple of weeks, you’re gonna feel better focus on your breathing focus on your center.

And lastly, if you need help contact me, that’s what I do. I help individuals Taichi training meditation training, coaching hit me up the mind body due dot com. Don’t forget to leave a rating for the show on itunes or on Spotify. Or wherever you listen to help other individuals such as yourself find the show, so we can get a big elective. And just know that man, there’s a massive force out there of mind body, people waiting to grow and find better solutions is mind by do piece. Thanks for listening to the mind body, dude for more information and for more resources, please.

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