How Stretching Can Change Your Life

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Reach for the stars, high up to the moon. Shout out to Bodyworks By Elony for leading an awesome stretch class which opens the door to a new way of feeling great. You can benefit from having a good stretching regimen, and today you and I remind ourselves.


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Yeah! Feeling so pumped up right now. How’s it going people when I say pumped up? I don’t even mean, let me change that energized. I’m feeling energized. Malto you wind just bit. This is the mind body, dude, Carlo St. Juste II, license, acupuncturist, holistic, healthcare pro. Feeling great today. They just came out of stretching class I’m going to give a shoutout to Elony Elanie from body works from Elony. I you can let me see you can find them. I’m sorry body works by Elony. Just giving her a shot out. She taught an amazing stretch class and just got on. And am I feeling relieved? I was actually looking for a way to jumpstart my my my flexibility routine. My stretching routine to get back into conclude training to start training harder to searching better. And this is I decided to to come to class and should good friend of mine. And and and my lady and in so, yeah, it was it was great and GRA friend of ours. And and so yeah, just want to give a shot out. Just want to say thank you, which is going to lead me into the show here the importance of flexibility and just loosening things up. Sometimes we are stuck in our head. And you don’t. Realize where your type like for instance, I was really tightened my shoulders were really tighten our shoulders all of us from working on computers too. If you’re reading books, if you’re working at a desk, his shoulders, most likely or shoulders to be hunched throw, floored they need to be an tightened untamed. Let’s loosen them up. That’s what we did today. Right. So it was a good reminder in terms of stretching and actually just putting everything together we all have different parts that were putting together here. Like, we’re all different segments of this big web. Enter twines Elliott is a massage therapist. I’m a license acupuncturist. You know, there’s medical doctors. There’s chiropractors there’s Ray key specialists there. Physical trainers. Right. And you know, it’s all part of the big web here and being able to reach out and say, you know, what I wanna I wanna be able to I need to grow in this area. Lemme reach out to someone who knows how to do that. You know what I’m saying? I wanted to grow. I wanted to stretch I wanted to find other resources out there. And when you start doing that things start to open up things start to just happen. I am feeling great. I am feeling like I do need to I need to go to the dais by you know, what I’m saying you need to take a nap re-energize sense. But just feeling energy. It just being able to feel like, hey, can you go through the day? Like, I was wondering where my energy has been over the last month. I was wondering where it went in icy, exactly. Or it’s when I need something to jump start to get me off of this.

I call in a rut in terms of trying to jump start my nutrition routine and really just saying, yes, let’s do this. And one of the ways I always find now is. Just start moving. You know, exercise is a great way to kick in the mind and say when you start exercising and you start moving you feel like something happens. Okay. There’s some kind of chemical changes the brain just starts thinking properly. Like, no, I don’t need a burger. I don’t need that junk. Let me get you know, what I want something that’s gonna build me. Like, I feel like getting some blueberries becoming smarter right now by the minute. You know, what I’m saying like, so.

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You know, it’s it’s. I’m just admiring the process here. So hope your day evening is going. Well, just say quick station. ID? This is the mind body did once again, you can leave a review on I tunes or Spotify or wherever you cannot listen to this, right? And it what it does is a helps other individuals find the show helps them to join the community of individuals who want to grow and and live every day to their fullest and Beatrice best to take on whatever life challenges. There are now you’ve heard me speak before in terms of the benefits. Stretching y like, stretching it opens up the blood vessels in and and just promote circulation helps you feel energized helps you feel. More invigorated reduces your pain improves a range of motion. Do we have to list all of these facts, again, this is the first time when you start recording more and more shows he started to forgetting what you’ve talked about before. So do I have a list of things that I’ve? Of episodes in shows that I’ve on topics that spoken on before somewhere. And you know, what everybody can use a review every now and that so. That is been my afternoon, right? Especially fighting this. Okay. So I got a secret to tell you I’ve been experiencing experiencing some hip pain, and as a provider, it makes me think. Okay. What would I tell my patients? What would I tell my patients in coming from the stretch class? I’m feeling better. The pain has decreased significantly in it in it is it was a just a more. What’s the word? I’m looking for in. Gave me more confidence more evidence in my decision that in my idea that I needed to stretch more I needed to increase my flexibility. But you know, if I were gonna if I were talked to myself, and I was the patient. I’d be like, okay. Well, you know, what’s your lifestyle or eating well on you know, and have meetings while, you know, maybe I’ve been sitting alive you’ve been exercising while you know, you know, you start looking at all these excuses and everybody trust me. Everybody has good excuses. I had. You may have not. Okay. So you may have good excuse me night. We excuse no matter wide, you know, I’m not trying to minimize anything under saying from my perspective. I was just like okay now I can start seeing you know, it’s like, well, you know, you start slacking off. And you haven’t been doing what you what you what you’re supposed to. And then of course, look what happens so found some great advice. Some great tips. Continuing to incorporate real stretching into my day. And to be honest. I do I stretch more than the average person one being that with the martial-arts, but not all in all martial-arts do people focus on flexibility. It’s a big thing. But just in general, I’m able to do the splits with both sides, and you know, just not generalizing or anything. But most men something most guys, right? So having that flexibility. It is something that I have found has been fantastic in my life. It’s it’s come in many different ways. Especially like, I was I’m arouse training jujitsu Brazilian jujitsu partner try to get me into the electric chair. If you don’t know what that is. That’s kind of like where they grab one leg were your grappa one one both legs and they split ya. Down the middle. I one leg going back when they going forward that side could use. But so the electric chair has person try to give me the electric chair in. They’re like, oh, wait a minute. What Hammy and full trails in the full splits and because flexibility flexibility, improve your speed improves, your jumping ability and what I’ve noticed that. Most people will not take about fifteen will not do a fifteen minute routine for shushing.

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I do I do idea at least ten minutes routine of shutting before I go to the gym for start my routine ish. I mean, and I know I can go to the stretch bar because nobody’s going to be there. So. With that. Here’s the challenge for the week. See if he can do ten minutes stretching a day challenge yourself at or take ten minutes out of your workout routine to do to do stretching stretching the quad stretching. The back stretching the hamstrings tire body just try to learn little by little try to improve your flexibility little by little millimeter by millimeter. I say when it comes to strategy. So. With that. I’m going to have more resources on the mind body due dot com. I’ll have Eli’s contact information. She’s out here in Pasadena, California. Wanna give a shout out people? And yeah, I hope you have an excellent excellent week. Keep it rocking. I’m gonna give you more tips to help you feel great. I love doing this. I love talking to you. I hope that you find this information useful. I hope you’re able to use it in your everyday life. I hope you’re able to live every day. Happy and feeling great. This is the mind body did. Signing off season. <music>? Thanks for listening to the mind body, dude for more information and for more resources, please. Visit the

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