So You Can Live Your Life

Why do you want to become well? Is it so that you can do the things that you enjoy? Of course, and it is also used in evaluating your progress in the treatment regimen.


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How are you doing today? Get this show out for you. Sorry out for the last week here taking care of some personal business. If you know what i mean right, we all have things we have to take care of family friends all that good stuff. How are you doing today? Normally say this at the end of the show but if you can give us a rating  and the show and everybody else who who supports the show here, if you can give us a rating on itunes or spotify or any of the channels that you listen to, that would help us and help other people find the show show. What I wanted to talk about today.

I want to be quick here because i actually have a couple of meetings. Let me correct that phrase. I have one meeting and it’s a p._t._a. meeting. Sort of, it’s a parent meeting for for my daughter’s daycare and i’m looking forward to doing this. I enjoy being involved in my daughter’s life and  I am a proud parent. I know growing up. It was hard for my mom to attend these events because she was working as a single parent and it was very difficult to to do both and so being able to whatever the case may be being able to do this. Activity is something that i enjoy it’s part of my life i want. Do you know god forbid. Something happens that prevents you from doing what you want in life.

That is the reason why we are recording this show today. I wanted to get this message out that you wanna take care of yourself. You want want to be well so that you can do the things in life that make you happy you can do the things in life that your meant to do and and i know that there are debilitating illnesses or events that cause some people to not be able to do certain things that they were able to or even old age the aging process.

Here in the clinic what I do tell patients is help them to find a solution to their health problem mm-hmm to whatever is ailing them i or find solutions hither ailment and help move them along the steps and that process process and what i found and we have measures in terms of seeing if we’re making progress if there’s an improvement it call for instance it’s called activities of daily living and or a deals and those are that is scale in order to determine how functional someone may be and it’s subjective based on the patient’s feelings and and whatever they marked down at the time. So if let’s say they’re at a level of five and they feel the pain that have pain and they fill it come through at certain times and it’s preventing them from doing certain things such as driving or if it’s aggravating providing when they’re trying to get something out of the cupboard or something of that nature that’s affecting their A.D.L. and to them it’s at ah five and when you see clinically that that number goes up from wherever it’s at that means the patient is career gaining their ability.

They’re functioning back in their daily life their ability to perform tasks and their abilities so so that’s a good thing and i like to joke with my patients. I like to say i wanna get she back dancing dancing on your feet who doesn’t like pants. Hey hey you know when you’re dancing and a good new hey so and there is something to the phrase as about being light on your feet and feeling like the world’s at your toes and just being able to dance in the rain i mean i think there’s something to that phrase because what’s the opposite of that which is either disaster or something you know an illness or even death right the ultimate i so oh look at the spectrum.


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We’re trying to get away from that portion. As long as we can and try to focus more on life and promoting life in promoting emoting rejuvenation and helping people to continue living their life and living their life at their best that’s why teach art such as kung fu and tai chi and meditation and mind body exercises in order for individuals to become stronger and grow and when he gained skills and and when you grow as person we’re able to keep yourself at your optimal level. 

Let’s say you’re you’re balancing proves tenfold able to do things such as cartwheels recycled in cartwheels at what age like nine so take this message and apply to your life in terms of wife is beautiful. You wanna keep doing what you’re doing. think sometimes in life we get mad because we can do some of the things that want but you know think in that process you have to just keep working and keep improving yourself and things will will happen. The universe has certain ways of working so once again this is going to be short message for ya and got more shows coming up for you. have gas coming up. 

know doc said that gave me some time. Everyone is busy nowadays busy so but have more tibbets for you. If there’s any topics that you want me to cover. Please feel free to send me an email mailbox at the mind body dude dot com. besides that hope you have aawesome day. Thanks for listening to the mind body dude for more information and for more resources. Please visit

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