First There is Textbook, and Then There’s Real Life.


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This is the mind body dude Carlo St. Juste, licensed acupuncturist holistic healthcare provider. Hope your day’s it’s going well. My morning has been fantastic. Why is that you may ask why. Why is your morning so great mister mind body. I’ll tell you why, gotta love having a good spirit here, because i did my all to try to help individuals become the best they can be in the health journey, and answering questions and providing treatment according to where they want to go. So in a nutshell trying to help people blow out and i’m excited for the future. I’m excited about learning more. I’m excited about expanding my mathematical base in expanding my knowledge against in Traditional Chinese medicine and anatomy and physiology and systemic pathology. I’m excited. That’s how you know when you’re when you’re in tune in terms of following where you wanna go so more than happy to be provider and also do this podcast to give you a little bit of the clinical side or the clinical aspect give you a little bit of my personality gave you a little bit of some real world knowledge and a little bit of motivation in and hopefully it all serves up to to to benefit you wherever you’re at.

So I noticed that the podcast is being downloaded in in other countries besides the U.S. Go figure, so appreciate all my fans out There and I am learning. Let’s say I am a solo language person which i am learning working on my my Spanish is mucho Malo. Enjoy learning. So just you know just there’s always trying to improve always trying to we’re trying to connect love love connecting with people you know sit down have a a glass of apple juice. No that’s a little too sweet. I don’t wanna listen alcoholic beverage because that is nice as well. That’s obviously that’s you know the first thing people suggest sit down and have a beer type personality analogy. I and i say that’s just one one aspect and yes you know i can have one alcoholic beverage and relaxing or if if you wanna have some tea I like the mucci delicious. So just you know trying to be more connected in always so today.

I wanted to speak on the concept that i there’s textbook and then there’s real life. It’s a common phrase. That’s used in multiple scenarios multiple settings. You know i as you know are book smart or street smart. I think goes a little bit further than that. It’s well you know rewinding that back the it’s where the street smarts are expanded in have room to develop. So why do I bring up this topic because it’s the same as in Traditional Chinese Medicine as we’re practice seeing an in holistic perspective, you have textbook which will tell you and give you a guide in general direction, and then there’s a real life and i think the difference between you know so and i say this very modestly now.

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I’ve built a cabinet. Assemble Ikia furniture, and things of that nature, and I’ve treated patients untreated for all kinds of different ailments from gastrointestinal in all sorts to you know dealing with side effects chemo and just as spectrum so oh been able to follow a set of directions i can do i think so so i don’t my furniture looking ads these instructions , and says you know you have this many screws and put that many screws in that compartment and can you build this and should have a shelf. You look at the healthcare aspect from traditional Chinese medicine. Patient comes in presenting these symptoms or let’s say you have the symptoms this, this, this, and this it should be this and and this is how you treat it do or this is the remedy should be cut and dry, right? But why is it not always cut and dry? Especially in healthcare setting and I know being that bio-science love. The bio-med aspect is focused on reproducing results. Are you able to reproduce those facts over and over with the same efficacy, same effectiveness?

So there’s this this idea of repetition when treating patients every traditional chinese medicine has always recognized, and other systems of medicine as well, recognized that every individual is different and yes you can  have some generalization but in the end you always have to tailor things to according to to how the person is presenting the symptoms. In the biomed perspective perspective to people can have the same disease and be classified an and have the same qualification. TCM Perspective you can have same disease as someone else from a biomed view. But if still present different symptoms base the same baseline symptoms symptoms but you would treat the per each person accordingly person. Has this symptom this symptom this anthem boom person b. has the same as as person a and has this more and has an additional now pain or dysfunction in your address it so so going back to to the idea that you look at you. You look at a book. He follow directions. You just you your point. You’ve followed the you you perform the procedure you put a needle as said and as instructed or whereas by the guidance and if you know how to follow directions right he said hey i did it as written then what gibbs what if it doesn’t work what gifts that is where i come in that is my job as a practitioner job to figure out how to get the patient shen better and what route you’re going to take and whether or not if you’re protocol if you have a protocol aw and it’s not working what needs to be when he’s happened. One needs to be switched up. What’s interfering with the treatment and gaining new perspective so if you’re following me here so it’s like you know if you’re treating someone. 10:09 – 14:59 It’s like you. Get your brand brand new ikea furniture. You’re putting it together if you want to if they if i told you to do some okay. I’m not gonna use for legal purposes. Sorry let’s say you get something that you have to assemble from a store and you get it and you you follow directions and it doesn’t come out looking the way you want it or it doesn’t work and let’s say this happens. Maybe fifty fifty maybe seven thirty maybe ninety ten. You’re gonna try to figure out why it doesn’t work right and so well. I would hope you would hope someone would would the next question so just giving you a perspective in terms of if it’s if it’s not just because it’s textbook doc right if i there’s textbook and then there’s real life in real life has taught me as a practitioner that you have to look at things from multiple angles and that just because it’s not written down doesn’t mean that it won’t work or be effective or you know. There’s a skill that i feel is lacking society. Call all critical thinking or just thinking or problem solving and if we can utilize these it skills logical thinking people thinking that chinese traditional chinese medicine is not logical. Yes it is yes it. Is you know the system has a way of working so if you can use the logic to help the decipher. Maybe you know they’re not presenting those exact symptoms so that point may not work as has it is described or maybe there’s something else or whatever the reason may be but what i have found as as a practitioner as a provider I have improved right my patients treatment and

I have helped more people  help more people by being able to think outside the box and looking at this as such if you follow directions and they don’t go out exactly as planned or you’re not getting the result you thought would how do you switch it up. Okay what do you do from there and the answer is I am realizing that there are certain things you can learn  and building up from there so with fat I am planning on doing much more and here to stay and not planning on going anywhere wear lots of other cool topics to talk about and i hope you’re enjoying the show. Please feel free to leave rating on itunes or spotify or wherever you obtain your podcasts or use as for your podcast listening needs you can always visit the website and find resources and contact me.

If you like send me an mailbox at the mind body due dot com. Let me know that you’re listening and thank you right. Thank yourself for caring about improving your life. Improving your mind, improving your body going in a direction. That’s positive not negative right at least in in that thinking or in in the feeling and if i can help in that process more than happy to, so once again this information is not intended to diagnose. If you have any issues dealing with your health feel free to contact your medical healthcare healthcare provider. This is mind body Dude signing off have a great one. I we’ll see you soon.

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