The Holidays Are Coming…So What?

The holidays bring many types of emotions for people, from food to family. However, are there ways to blast through the holidays stress free and not feeling stuffed?



A show dedicated to helping you become a stronger person. A place to your mind and feel empowered with a holistic approach on this and self-employed Mind Body any just care provider. How are you doing are you doing my friends? Let me just suggest my microphone own. Yeah I’m feeling great. Feeling great today just want to reach out and wish you all a a a very very blessed day. How are you doing today? Film Great Film great just completed my walk the Nice morning then. I WanNa do integrate some Kung Fu and some training and get work done. I think that’s why I’m feeling so amped up. I love speaking to wall because it’s so it’s so invigorating. I WanNa let you know. There’s there’s there’s great things out there there’s options is out there. Take a fresh breath of air. You can feel great so the holidays are coming no fear. How’s that sound? The holidays are coming no fear or yeah the alone as I’m getting the show ready That’s a great topic That I wanted to talk about today because I have a workshop coming up and I’m GONNA I’m going to announce this early next workshop is going to be in South Pasadena at Myself Pass Clinic. I practice within the facility of Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena Pasadena where a team of holistic healthcare providers that provide care to the community and the workshops from six thirty seven thirty. I started these workshops at our clinic. There free of charge no cost was to attend. Anyone is welcomed. They’re they’re designed to just get you in the loop. Keep you in the loop in terms of off taking care of yourself and kind of keeping health at the top of mind so you don’t stray away too much sir. And there’s all kinds of workout groups Workout fitness groups. He got nutrition groups weight loss groups. You have all kinds of of of group support groups and maybe this is another resource for you out there. So you’re more than welcome. You can find the the address to Maya Clinic there on the website and you’re more than welcome to attend but let me just throw this out there. The holidays are coming. So so what I you know. If you’re getting yourself prepared like I just finished walk doing doing training training. I know many of you are doing weightlifting or one of the various other sports. Maybe rowing. Maybe you’re a runner our Maybe you know maybe you’re into judit sue martial arts whatever the case may be in in our bodies are going to have these these these periods where maybe we are in season. Maybe we’re OUTTA season and that’s why I’m trying to put this philosophy this theory together in terms of it’s better to focus more on the weight loss when when the when the when it’s in season right now we’re going into hibernation season. Your body’s naturally want to store more fats. You keep warm Sir and whatnot. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it just GonNa blow up so that’s a lesson. Don’t use the holidays as as an excuse to just say. Oh It’s the holidays. I’m GONNA blow up. I love Thanksgiving. I’M GONNA grab on Thanksgiving. I’m a prepare to eat on Thanksgiving and I have another Another activity the day after after as many of us do and we’re going to be using small plates good food small plates switch which it up and it was actually a good idea.


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I I’m still going to have a ready gets ice play. I’m just going to get small portions. So that’s what I do. I don’t fear because one no matter what food is energy and you can’t over stuff yourself but you it’s a whole processing food and food needs to be converted and used up in a way and unfortunately thinking doesn’t burn enough calorie so and trust me. I’m saying this as a thinker. I’ve seen this from experience so I when you have a goal my goal is they get the get running on the new year. Start the New Year of like running off great. I want man. I’m so excited I can’t. I can’t share with you. How Awesome I WANNA just fun and launch it? Mike’s up internally focusing on just being the best version of myself of being the best version of yourself being the best version of who you want to be right. That’s the kind of energy I’m talking about De. Fill this excitement okay. That’s what I want you to have goals. What are your goals? I focus a lot on the internal arts because it focuses a lot on the internal that she gone the breathing becoming stronger becoming stronger and more relaxed. And you don’t have to be one of those individuals who you you know you’re talking to somebody or dislike yeah okay or so caught up in our phones in our lives and in this this race to become someone that sometimes we don’t even listen to the people. That’s what’s been happening to me I’ll tell you personally. That’s what’s been happening. You know over the last couple of years you know is noticed it. And it’s it’s increased east it did increase has been increasing. Whatever the case may be right it was increasing till I knitted eighteen and now I manage better? I and I’m just sharing this with you but it’s the sense of you don’t have time. I’m to even have a conversation with someone when you become too busy and I know we have in and it was. It was starting prior to when I had a child and after having children after having a child my even going to go into the children it increased and so I and and this is also right. I’m talking from someone who does get mental care mental help right so I’m not just blabbing from you. You know and as a professional as a professional and someone who’s who seeks mental. Help right not the moment right. And I’m an I’m honest with you but having you know having that that perspective looking back and having that check and balance system I can say okay. I noticed where I where this started over working and trying to meet expectations And heading into situations with the assumption that people are GonNa look at you for who used to be. We’re having all these issues. And where do they jump off the reservation here so Let me get back. Act To let me get back here so understanding that there’s nothing to fear if you have goals right if you have goals you can work towards those goals and if those goals are rooted in you becoming a better person listen you being the best version. You don’t have anything to fear so don’t fear the holidays. How the heck did we get into this? So sometimes when you’re talking you know this once again. This is therapeutic for for myself as well I hope you find insight insight in this because you know I.

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It’s just something I’ve noticed and I want to go back to the anxiety thing for a minute to the anxiety issue because it’s something that I’ve also noticed in other individuals one you have to always seek professional help for those matters matters. I don’t talk to you know you’re obscene or I am I going to UC great. I don’t talk to whoever ever right. WHO’s not qualified if you have any health concerns right so But going into that a lot of that is self conscious. You know a part of going into the holidays and part of this this this show. No fear part is also not just the eating but it’s dealing with past emotions dealing with family he see gone. Ut you see some of these videos with our Sinoe. The ones I man I was. You know all sad. You know you see these people fighting. I saw one with the kid through any. I’m assuming it’s real or someone throws a table in in Thanksgiving man. That is messed up man. I’m just telling you off the record here. I don’t you know the code is off. I’m chilling we’re all just hanging out man. You know so understanding that. I know it’s going to be hard. It’s hard especially here in speaking in the US politics take some things like that. That’s why you WANNA start training now. That’s why I encourage you go online. Find Your local Tai Chi instructor. Find a local martial the art center. Find a centering Marshall I think a good balance is doing something like I always gonNA promote my art. KUNG-FU I by doing some on type of heart style martial art like karate or Kung Fu or or a taekwondo or or tie or Any of these or craft Magai and combining it with something on the soft side like a Hatha Yoga Oh God restored to yoga practice Restore Taichi in anything. That’s that’s more a biofeedback feed-back training that way you get the balance you get you get expel the energy and you get to train your your your your Alpha waves and and your body to relax and then and things so I don’t Wanna get ahead of you know it’s not too late to start. Warren Buffett there is a a clip. I was hearing from Warren Buffet. Like I love listening to a lot of youtube clips by the way for your big youtuber. Easy to promote ovation not for entertainment. So there’s no promised roam if use a for entertainment free entertainment sometimes but primarily A lot of good uses so I you know so. It’s not as we have Thanksgiving a couple of weeks away. We have Christmas a couple weeks away. I know those are hard times for a lot of people. Sometimes you get into the spending running for frenzy the money money money money screw that get yourself ready. Get your mind ready. Get your body ready. Get ready this world world was made for you wakeup becomes something great. Start today when you walk into the room you shine search with breathing and you don’t have to impress anyone you’re not trying to trying to. You’re trying to work on yourself so so you can be a better factor for other people watch you do that with you. Don’t ever forget that this is the mind body dude amped up feeling great living life. I want you to be doing the same. feel free to review feel free to contact me on the site feel free to send me an email have a great day you can do it piece. Thanks for listening to the mind body dude for more information and and for more resources please visit themindbodydude.Com.

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