Use The Holidays To Fuel The Future

The holidays can bring strong emotional energy up to the surface. With it, demonstrating one of the basic laws of yin and yang principles. No matter what side of the fence you are on, there are ways to utilize our experiences to fuel our future. 

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A show dedicated to helping you become a stronger person. A place to grow your mind and feel empowered with a holistic approach on this and self-employed Hey what’s going on with the healthcare provider and overall person Taichi instructor as well Taichi martial-arts as large and recently. I WANNA give a shoutout to cap wet up. Brazil and I am training in Burbank City. Bre Bank and the group really really the fine And and put out what the purpose and and The mission of the of the martial art and really put on a good In a really represent the Marshall very awesome. Right you know so I am very proud to start training under under my instructor K.. Bado I was born in to the group from my partner joy and senators anyone. I need to thank in a doc. I should say a first person I need to. You know who’s WHO’s helped me in this martial art journey would be my partner joy and I love for very much and it’s been a We’re the world’s crazy journey right. You know I I I wanted to record this show today because we’re coming off the holidays here and and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving here in the US. I and please forgive my lack of knowing whether or not there’s this holiday is celebrated outside the US. I think it’s it is celebrated worldwide and is something that’s just been adopted ever. I say Happy Holidays which usually encompasses happy Thanksgiving or someone does celebrate eleborate Thanksgiving I will say that but from this holiday weekend it’s little bit of reflection and I hope you had a good holiday holiday. We had a great holiday Family get together. Seeing friends actually just came from An evening I’ve seen seeing some really great lifelong friends and saw a piece of the Of the puzzle I see people who don’t have those those friendships and you know to be honest. Not even to be honest. I’m not trying to use that word. I’m trying not to use that phrase. It makes me feel sad because because building friendship and sustaining a friendship is something I think in here at least here in America that we have problems with and sometimes how to treat a friend or release here in in in an I’m speaking here in La so an la you can kinda forget it. Everybody’s kind of on their own path. I’ve talked about this with other people if you have a lot of people who are Kinda on the go and and and not a place where people necessarily you don’t find a lot of people who grew up in La are from La. But I’m and I’m I’m getting off the reservation here but in general You know I’m thankful I think in. And if you can have a chance to build a relationship Forgive friends I find that if there’s You know if you can create a circle of trust and Kind of a center point around that I I think that really does help so But coming from this weekend I think either. You’re going to be motivated in two ways. You’re going to be motivated in the sense. That you you reignite your your passion and who you are thank God bless each year at turn my phone you re ignited your passion and who you are In terms of of re identifying a routine and dealing with family and close ones and and trying to get a better understanding in terms of you know where you come from and memories and things of that nature I right there can also be the other aspect where maybe Thanksgiving didn’t go as well or the holidays are not brought your favorite time of year.

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Because you don’t have a close connection with your family or you don’t have that family or you don’t have a close connection with those surrounding or or there may be some strife going on and I’m not once again and not coming as a psychologist if you need to seek psychological help to deal with issues. I am against the stigma that You know if you know any kind of stigma that that doesn’t promote how getting seeking mental health within when needed not even when needed just for general health healthiness. It’s like we take care of our bodies but have do you take care of your mind. Do you take care of. Yeah Right. The the the internal aspects to thinking the planning so but but and I’m speaking from experience in terms of you know maybe if the holidays aren’t going specifically your way or if they are a maybe either they’re you know it’s a more of a not happy time so I think either way you can you can use that energy to catapult Hata poultry solve to a new direction and figure out where you WanNa go whether it’s if you WANNA create more of the Setting or if you realize you don’t WanNa be in the setting you WANNA be in a different setting that you know. This is the situation right now now but it doesn’t always have to be this way and I’m going to work and I’m going to change it as far as your time line. I’d we all know about that but once again speaking from experience because there are moments where I was doing things and certain holidays where maybe it wasn’t congruent to my mission in life maybe you know it wasn’t a you know. Maybe their war some some other factors involved where you’re you’re trying to either please other demands or whatever the case may be you know at that point in time I wasn’t. It’s happy with multiple things and more be not being the place that I’d like to be so we’re coming up on Christmas. Christmas can be tough. Got A lot of a can be tough. Okay saying it’s going to be because just like Thanksgiving those holidays and those expectations stations do me a favor. Don’t kill yourself buying gifts. Don’t kill yourself buying gifts because if you by thousands of dollars of gifts nobody’s is gonNA remember a couple of years later. Yes they’ll remember those Christmases were they got something extraordinary or even just the littlest things just. I just think that the idea of just don’t break yourself down. Give gifts that’s I that’s the motto. I’m telling myself I hope you can follow that as well. I don’t have to give anything saying you know a an economist would say. Don’t throw yourself and dead or uncountable. Say don’t throw yourself in debt we do anyways. But don’t throw Oh yourself over the board. You know I think if people you know you don’t you know it’s it’s great if you can get something nice but it’s the thought that counts and we have seriously deviated from that and I say we I say as a society eighty. I say you know I’m going to speak for the general population. I’m not saying everyone but in all now this is the end of the year things. Slow down you know. Businesses is is You know you take time off the off at the office. Businesses is is slowing so it’s a good opportunity to reflect right and especially as we’re going into a new decade we’re going into this is twenty twenty.


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Someone had mentioned that we’re not only going into a new year. We’re going into a new decade. Only thing after that is is a new century and a new millennium which rejects fast right. We just passed you know twenty years ago. I’m not going to be twenty years so getting back into building yourself. If you have have you know I I. It’s it’s being able to create that that environment. That’s going to help you. And and your family thrive or you and whoever you support thrive or could just be you so you know take the good a knowledge what you want acknowledged what you don’t want and say you know Sam I know him. He may have gotten this from someone. But he uses this phrase first-timer last time. I think that’s a very powerful statement. And this is one of the coaches. I listen to you Sam Crowley and he’s a Runs a website called every day is Saturday and please please feel free to check it out. Check out the PODCAST. It’s a great show and helped me to launch in this direction that I’m moving in but it’s a great the frame of reference to define what you want. If this the first time you like it you want more of these experiences of this is the last time you know what I’m moving forward. And so we’ve recorded other shows recorded shows in the past describing techniques that you can use to convert this energy. Maybe feel so great and you don’t know L.. What direction he wanted? You WanNa take things. Maybe you’re you’re just like man. I’m on cloud nine. I’m feeling awesome. I WanNa do good things. Let’s say you’ve had that motivation. Shen of Duga things but you need the focus needs clarity. You can integrate techniques such as tight Chichi gone and what is not going to do. That’s going to help you feel better. You can meditate you can censor yourself fro. Focus on the breathing exercises this energy converting techniques. I call them or even mood converting techniques or you know the balancers the regulators regulating exercises around all these words and phrases that you probably don’t I don’t know but hanging around enough and I’ll start to grow on you so I just wanted to get this point across that depending on where you’re at in the spectrum we can still arrive in in going in similar directions whether the situation is is more favorable or not as a as favourable for you you can still move in the direction of better health. Better mind body health better mind body focus in on. So that’s the thing is is that you can you. There’s there’s so many things you can focus on if things aren’t going your way it’s okay there’s other things you can focus on the next. The holidays are going to be one year from now. Think forward. Maybe this season isn’t Tis not the season right there so it Tis the season Not The season it’s fine get through it. January is coming up. February’s coming up thinking about twenty twenty. I’m doing about growing game. Pass all that so I want you to feel good. I don’t want you to you know sending his Mumbo jumbo and you don’t get all this bad energy and and and I know maybe some people might try to drag you into their level. Some people may try to drag you down and make you feel their muck and I’m not I I’m not I I’ll tell you. I have not perfected a foolproof foolproof. Way Of. Sometimes I and you can. They come in different forms. You Call Them Energy Vampires or people who bring bring the energy in the room down or if we’re going to have if you know you’re going to be dealing with that prepare yourself. Get yourself ready. I recorded a show. I think the last show was all without getting yourself ready so that when entering the situation.

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You’re ready you’re ready to go. You know maybe I’ll tell you what I’m working on is is this concept of. Don’t let a bad five seconds ruin your twenty four hours meaning. Don’t let something someone when says or a small situation and only lasted a minute or less or whatever ruin all the good that you’ve done for the day and I and I am I I have that issue and I’m learning how to get over the Hump I’ve been practicing in recognizing and it’s not easy. It’s not easy but what we practice when you have tools when you have a supportive community right. I’m here to support Shah. I’m here to give you whatever I can  so it can help you so that you can grow. I am more than happy. I wish I wish we can be live and have a live class and we can do things and you know so. That’s my goal is to convey the message so it can help better you and we can all grow and just run this smother. You know wear up so feel free to leave rating for show. Feel free to send me a message. SID visit the mind body due DOT com. And I will catch you soon. Thanks for listening to the mind body dude for more information and for more resources please visit

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