How Long Until I Feel Better?

A question often received as a acupuncturist healthcare provider, how long will it take to see results or see if the treatment is working? The answer explained to the best of my ability.



How Long Until I Feel Better?

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A show dedicated to helping you become a stronger person a place to grow your mind and feel empowered with a holistic approach to Lonas and self-improvement. The mind off you do is you know to help you what’s going on it’s the Mind Body Dude Carlo St. Juste II, LAc licensed acucpuncturist, Holistic healthcare provider, martial arts practitioner. Are we doing today? Are we doing today? My people hope that the Day evening night morning is treating you well, and I’m good. I want to jump right into it. We’re going to be talking about how long does it take to feel better and despite off all the cool technology we have access to nowadays. We still can’t predict the future. We still can’t with 100% accuracy. Tell you what your healing path to be. Like, however, what we can do is we can you know, we can we can use it as an idea right way. We have a couple of ideas terms of we can use our experience. And so when we use our experience it allows us to offer. allows us to she better guess to me better guesstimate what could be so with that? I want to speak about how long it take for you to feel good. Now I can only speak as an acupuncturist. I can only speak from my personal experience. and I will also use a little bit of general rule of thumb. If patient comes into my office or if I’m treating depending on the patient that is being treated. How soon you may benefit from the treatment varies and to what extent you will benefit from the treatment varies? I wish I could give you a high. I wish I can give you a percentage rate. I tell you my percentage treatment treatment rate, which I think may I have to look back at the data which in my opinion would be high right not a hundred percent and I’ll get into that because that goes into the how long but majority of patients have found success with acupuncture and Hence, why you’ve seen the growth as an acupuncturist myself as someone who’s who’s received acupuncture. I can talk about the benefits and wage the kind of shifts that you experience and part of what I want to do is help to change the narrative because you hear about traditional Chinese medicine and so it’s presented with the sense of skepticism, which if we already have enough valid studies to say this is conclusive. You know and we already have enough people say, you know what they’ve had we’ve had this benefit more experiences benefit. I can’t we say there is definitely a correlation or or you know, their science shows and or the data shows such and such about acupuncture wage. They there are randomized controlled studies. They’re systematic reviews there. There’s meta-analysis available now on just not just acupuncture quotation marks after you puncture is used in many different ailments of for instance and osteoarthritis for the need for the back for the habits and violist and you’re going to test in every segment right every disease. You have to see you would test right you would test the You know, whatever hypothesis on whatever. Yeah, whatever. You’re you’re trying to get the results of so what I live patients know when and and what we try to do is. You know first streaming is always let me know as a practitioner.

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You know, what are some things that to let me know as a practitioner? How your body’s going to respond to the treatment? Right first first couple treatments maybe first one or two treatments want to see how your body responds did your body respond at all during the initial treatment a.m. Yes, you’re trying to Bringing Down the pain you’re trying to re correct or redirect the course of the ailment. Whatever may be at Play. I’ve I’ve dealt with thirst issues. I’ve dealt with fibromyalgia. I’ve dealt with urinary issues. It’s just you know, it’s it’s whatever is in the scope what you know patients are usually in usually in care under a multiple doctors and you know, it’s just a part. Well, you don’t know it’s a part of the regiment by the time they come see me or us as a country. So With that, you know, I and I use this phrase line. I even tell patients this you want to go for we want to go for that home run Grand Slam knock it out the ballpark all the time on the first treatment, you know, that’s what you’re wanting and that’s what you’re aiming for but it may not always happen right lot of times wage. You may get a base hit a lot of times you can get triple-doubles. I started to use the baseball analogies, but I think it’s a good analogy because It’s the treatment then you start seeing that the treatment works on increments. that and I compare acupuncture to a train that just keeps building and building and building steam right and work some momentum and as long the environment as your body is healing and creating the conditions, too. Promote proper physiology and anatomical change of possible improve of improvement of blood cells in in a creation of of veins and arteries and things of that nature. That’s a good thing want to keep moving on that. And moving in that direction there’s indicators that we can use in order to determine is the body growing or going the other direction. Are you living or are you dying right off? I I don’t say that but that’s you know, it’s if you were to say have a scale one’s life one’s death. We want to keep as close to this life as possible and healthy life and you know, there’s certain things that can’t affect us from radicals. I oxidation, you know, it’s we learn these things in order to become better. So it’s it’s an important question because one I do not want to give anyone any kind of false. Hope or false time or misinterpreted or misguided timeline. The healing process takes time. If a patient is not responding between eight to ten treatments. That’s when we can start looking at not can start but that’s when I recommend looking at maybe other options seeing if we need to get Imaging maybe they may need physical training or and usually off Or the main main issues or if it’s too advanced and to advance in in in the prognosis then. Yeah surgery or any other serious medical intervention that’s needed. So but once that’s completed we can go ahead and start building the body back up. And so even as with acupuncture acupuncture, usually you think of the needles but it really entails being an acupuncturist which is the theory as being a provider and the needles the acupuncture and the breathing exercises teaching people how to properly breathe that actually makes change change that you can feel and sense and using herbs and using exercise choice and and different tools here and I’m talking about are speaking from our scope of practice in the state of California and so long, you know using heat and using cold in order to heal.

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You know, that’s really what it’s all about. Right temperature of the earth warms up in the summer you get less colds, it drops the body oo. Is more prone to illness and so yeah, that’s not going to be the magical recipe for everyone. Obviously. It’s going to be the the lounge expected die. I want to say diaphragm but the expected how you how you say prostitution everyone so How long will it take before you feel better? Our first shipment is to help you feel more relaxed feel more at ease if you feel more at if you feel more relaxed, if you feel more at ease, that’s a good sign. I tell all my patients that so good sign want to keep at least especially on the first treatment choice and in general your you want your body to be in a in a sense of relaxation have the sales being a an environment. That’s more geared more designed towards healing and resting and repair. So, you know with that I even want to go one step further and say the the relaxation is just automatic that should come with every treatment choice being able to reset the body and then digging deeper if needed treating according to whatever symptoms the patients presenting an agent. However, it may present as whether it’s it’s tradition from a biomed perspective or traditional Chinese medicine the meridians and off and the manifestations and the organs and and it’s all great you put it all together. So just hopefully this gives you more of an off-site in regards to how And and what you can expect in terms of treatment, that’s why you know, it’s not one in done with acupuncture. And you know, I thought I would say it’s great that it’s it’s even better if you have insurance because you’re going to you’re going to have multiple treatments that mean maybe needed. So paying out of pocket it can definitely add up. However the insurance it does help to lessen the burden in terms of how many treatments you’re going to need a bath and and and and over. All right, how how many treatments you know, that’s a that’s a question. I get it depends on the person. It depends on what’s needed depends on how much we can do and then how much they’re going to meet halfway at in terms of long-term care. And so you know with that hopefully that gives you some insight. Please feel free to leave a rating for the show here and on iTunes jeeze. I’m all over the places here. I’m recording this show a little bit later. And so usually I record my shows in the morning for all yeah to have available during the day, but this one I’m recording at night. So With that, please. Feel free to leave writing for the show and that will help others find show besides that I hope you have a great great day evening night week and start the week. Let’s do it. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the mind-body dude for more information. And for more resources, please visit Mind Body, dude,

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