• The Power of the Body

    The Center of the body is powerful. Various systems of exercise and martial arts including Yoga, Tai chi, and Kung Fu, put very important emphasis on the center, abdomen, or […]

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    Mind Body Health Adversity

    Having a strong mind and good physical health can help with adversity comes. Techniques such as tai chi, qi gong, and martial arts are some examples of activities that strengthen […]

  • Yin and Yang: The Computer of Life

    The concept of Yin and Yang, developed in ancient China, has been around for thousands of years and is used today in systems of medicine, philosophy, computers, and other elements […]

  • The Process Isn’t All Doom and Gloom

    Is it possible to change the narrative on how our body ages and illnesses we can prevent? Do you have to have a bleak outlook on the future of your […]

  • Keep it Loose! Why Flexibity Counts!

    Flexibility in life, stiffness in death is an ancient proverb that may have some truth to it. Can stretching improve the way to feel, move, and go about your day? […]

  • What About the Basics

    What about the basics of good exercise, nutrition, meditation, and relaxation. Not opposed to new supplements but most importantly focusing on creating a good base to optimal wellness everyday.

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